Scheduling a matterport Tour without HDR Photos

Rockin' 3D Tours, powered by matterport are based on the total SCANNED square footage.  SCANNED square footage may be different from finished or total square footage.  For instance you may want for us to shoot all the finished square footage, but only 600 square feet of the 1,200 unfinished basement.  Add the 600 square feet to the finished square feet total for the SCANNED square footage.

All rooms must be ready to be photographed from every angle BEFORE we arrive.  If it can be seen from any corner of the room, the camera will pick it up.  No people or homeowners can be present at the time of the photographing.  It's too easy for them to accidentally be in one of the scans.  Also, have all the lights and lamps on and ceiling fans off.  If you want the fireplaces to be on, have them lit at the time of shooting.  The following times include an additional 15 minutes for setup and overview.

Click here to view FAQ's about Matterport Tours. 

Under 1,200 SCANNED square footage - $175.00 (Approximately 1h 15 minutes)

1,200-1,699 SCANNED square footage - $200.00 (Approximately 1h 30 minutes)

1,700-2,499 SCANNED square footage - $250.00 (Approximately 1h 45 minutes)

2,500-3,499 SCANNED square footage - $325.00 (Approximately 2 hrs)

3,500-4,999 SCANNED square footage - $375.00 (Approximately 2h 15 minutes)

5,000-7,499 SCANNED square footage - $425.00 (Approximately 2h 30 minutes)

7,500-9,999 SCANNED square footage - $475.00 (Approximately 2h 45 minutes)

10,000-11,999 SCANNED square footage - $525.00 (Approximately 3 hrs)

12,000-16,000 SCANNED square footage - $575.00 (Approximately 3h 30 minutes)

Over 16,000, please call 303.740.5555