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  1. How do I calculate the square footage. Rockin' 3D Tours, powered by matterport are based on the total SCANNED square footage. SCANNED square footage may be different from finished or total square footage. For instance you may want for us to shoot all the finished square footage, but only 600 square feet of the 1,200 unfinished basement. Add the 600 square feet to the finished square feet total for the SCANNED square footage.

  2. What do I have to do to prepare the listing? All rooms must be ready to be photographed from every angle BEFORE we arrive. Unlike traditional cameras, you need to have everything out of site. Go to each corner of the room that will be scanned, and if you can see it, so can the camera. Also, have all the lights and lamps on and ceiling fans off.  If you want the fireplaces to be on, have them lit at the time of shooting. 

  3. Can I still be at the home while you create the matterport tour? We prefer if no people or homeowners or pets are present at the time of the photographing.  It's too easy for them to accidentally be in one of the scans. 

  4. How long does it take? How long does it take? It’s about 75 minutes (without HDR Photos) for 1,500 SCANNED square ft up to 3.5 hours for 12-14,000 SCANNED square feet.

  5. How many stops are on the autotour? Approximately 9-11.

  6. Can you photograph outside? Yes, but they are not linked to the overall floorplan. They are available in the walking tour.

  7. Are there any rooms that cannot be scanned? Yes. If a room has too many mirrors or windows, the laser cannot map it correctly.

  8. How long does it take to get my Matterport tour back? Approximately 2 business days.

  9. Can my client be at the shoot? You and they can be on site unless we're shooting the entire house. Pets need to be locked out of site.

  10. Where can it be posted? We'll post it to the mls once the property's in the mls. You can also post the link in your website, and we'll give you the iFrame code if you wish to post it that way.

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