There's no better way to show a property than a professionally-narrated high-definition video.  At Rockin' Media, we provide you with two options: a HighDefVideoHighlight where we cover 5 areas of the property or a HighDefVideoTour which covers the entire property.  Each comes with up to 25 HDR photographs.  It'll be posted on YouTube® in both branded and unbranded (if necessary) versions.  We'll also post it to Metrolist, IRES (if a you're a member) and Realtor.com® for no additional charge if you're a Showcase member.

Currently, by far most agents are shooting the HighDefVideoHighlights.  This is because they are shorter, and people can get a good idea of the property by seeing 5 areas only.  HighDefVideoTours are good if the property is in a remote area and you want people to be able to get a full showing before they see it in person.